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4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Gun Range

The shooting range is a great place for enthusiasts to gather, socialize, and get some time to practice with a new or favorite firearm. Recreational shooting is also an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your physical and mental health.

If you’re looking for a shooting range near you, here are a few things to consider, as well as our recommendations for the best gun ranges in Hampton Roads, VA.

  1. Does the Gun Range Have a Range Safety Officer?

Range Safety Officers (RSO) ensure all patrons are following the appropriate safety policies. They conduct range inspections and enforce range rules, clear firearm stoppages and malfunctions, conduct safety briefings, and administer aid or assistance in the event of an emergency.

  1. Does the Gun Range Offer Gun Rentals?

Even if you are planning to use your own firearm, we recommend choosing a gun range that offers a large selection of gun rentals, including pistols, revolvers and rifles. This gives you the option to shoot different firearms, as well as the opportunity to try before you buy.

  1. Does the Gun Range Have Onsite Instructors?

From basic handgun training to advanced instruction on how to shoot from the low-ready position, onsite instructors can help improve your confidence and technique. For additional training, check out our concealed carry permit classes and defensive shooting fundamentals.

  1. Is the Gun Range Clean and Well-Ventilated?

It’s important to choose a gun range that ensures lead dust, debris, spent shells and other hazards are properly removed. The range should have a dedicated exhaust ventilation system, and a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove lead-contaminated dust.

Preferred Gun Ranges in Hampton Roads, VA

Whether you’re looking to learn, practice, or try out a firearm before purchasing, the shooting range is a great place to go. As a certified firearms instructor and owner of Piece Be With You concealed carry permit training in Williamsburg, VA, Jay Hermoso recommends the following gun ranges in the Hampton Roads region.

Indoor Shooting Range

The Marksman in Newport News, VA (757) 872-4130

Lafayette Gun Club in Yorktown, VA (757) 898-8854

Superior Pawn & Gun in Hampton, VA (757) 723-6033

Freedom Outdoors in Virginia Beach, VA (757) 227-9130

Green Top Shooting Range in Ashland, VA (804) 368-8540

Outdoor Shooting Range

Lafayette Gun Club in Yorktown, VA (757) 898-8854

Patriot Gun Supply in Williamsburg, VA (757) 808-6565

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