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How to Choose a Conceal Carry Holster

So you have a weapon and would like to know how to easily, discretely, and safely carry it with you. That’s great! But what is the best way to do that? Do you know?

Are you sure?

There are literally thousands of different holsters so how do you go about deciding which option is best for you? Well, it’s really just a process of going through a few simple steps.

1. Do You Want a Shoulder, Waistband, Ankle or Other Carry Method?

With so many options how do you decide? The first thing you’ll find is that you might prefer to use different types of holsters depending on the season. What works best in the winter with your heavy clothes might not be the best holster option for your shorts in the summer.

Ultimately, the best way to find a holster that suits you is to find a style you like then practice drawing it, then re-holstering it to see how easy it is to use and how safely holstering can be done. If it’s still an option after that, think about how comfortable it feels to wear then go from there.

2. Layering Will Be Necessary

No matter how you look at it layering will be necessary. Generally, the bigger the gun, the more layering will be required. Many people find that a large button-up shirt that’s worn either buttoned or unbuttoned works great. And others prefer a light jacket, or heavy winter coat depending on the season.

3. What Features Do You Need in a Holster?

There are a wide variety of holsters made with a wide variety of materials and optional modifications. Therefore, if you start by choosing one from your favorite manufacturer it will make the next step easier which is determining what features you need. Then you can decide whether you need a holster that is customizable, or if you’d rather buy one that is versatile. For example, a waistband holster that can also double as a pocket carry one, etc.

4. Check as Many Online Reviews and Comparisons as You Can Find

Search online and read as many reviews and comparisons as possible. This will give you some insight into the pros and cons of each, as well as bringing to light issues you might not have considered.

Worst Concealed Carry Methods

Generally, the worst way to carry a concealed weapon is in a purse, backpack, tote bag, or briefcase. These are the first things targeted by a thief. Not to mention you are putting yourself and others in danger from the potential of drop fires. Yes, safeties are standard on most guns; however, they are not foolproof.

Best Concealed Carry Methods

Inside the waistband holsters are the gold standard for carrying a concealed weapon and for good reason. Inside the waistband holsters are easy to conceal and are comfortable as well. And, not much extra layering is necessary. Just make sure you find an inside the waistband holster that’s comfortable, stays in place, and can be adjusted to your particular body.

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