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4 Reasons Why Virginians Should Get Their Utah Concealed Carry Permit

Have you heard that Virginians are rushing to get Utah concealed carry permits even when they already have a Virginia license? Here’s what’s happening and why you should get your Utah permit, too.

1. Virginia Permits May Not Be Valid Out of State

Virginia stopped honoring permits from 25 states at the direction of the former Attorney General Mark Herring in 2015. It has since been rescinded.  The AG said the intent was to stop out-of-state residents from concealed carrying in Virginia if they haven’t met Virginia’s requirements.

Some states are required by their own laws to recognize only permits from states that recognize theirs, while others will view this as a breach of their reciprocity agreements and decide to stop honoring Virginia’s permits.

2. Utah Permits Will Still Be Valid In 30 States

Utah has a robust set of mutual recognition agreements and permit requirements that are accepted by many other states. That includes 35 states for Utah residents and 30 states for Virginians and other non-Utah residents.

3. Utah Permits Are Easy to Get

You can complete the requirements of the Utah concealed firearm permit without leaving Virginia. The background check can be completed by mail, and the required training course is offered through Piece Be With You.

4. Congress is Considering Making Permits Valid Nationwide

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which requires states to recognize out-of-state permits, is still working its way through Congress. If this law passes, all states will be required to recognize a valid Utah permit even if they impose unreasonably strict requirements on their own residents.

To learn more about getting a Utah concealed carry permit or to sign up for a qualifying course, contact us today.

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